Wonder Woman - Lauren Korn

For Lauren Korn, it was her grandparents who inspired her to get involved in the Jewish community.

“They spent much of their time in their retired years in Florida giving back to their temple, Hadassah, and many other organizations that they believed in,” she says. “I always wanted to follow their amazing example.”

Lauren says her involvement in last year’s Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Development Series was the key to helping her feel more connected.  

“I loved learning about the different aspects of CJP, exploring my connections and thinking critically about my place in this organization,” Lauren says. “Women's Philanthropy has been a wonderful way to get to meet many different women who are committed to repairing the world.  I have loved learning from them and trying to follow in their impressive footsteps."

Now in her first leadership role, Lauren wants to share the message that Women’s Philanthropy “is for everyone, and each and every one of us has an important place.”

“Whether you like hands-on events, fundraising, or learning — there’s a place for you to make an impact,” she says. 


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