Wonder Woman - Laurie Gliklich

Laurie Gliklich was introduced to the idea of giving back to the community at an early age.

“My parents were very good role models and philanthropy has always been part of my family,” she says, noting that her parents are also very active in CJP. “It’s very fulfilling to help others in need, and it’s something that I am passing onto my own children.”

Laurie has deepened her commitment to philanthropy through her leadership within CJP and Women’s Philanthropy over the past few years. After participating in the WP Leadership Development Series, she joined CJP’s Boston-Haifa Connection Jewish Education and Identity Committee and then took on the role of a “Top Chef” for the From Our Gardens chapter of the forthcoming WP cookbook.

In December, Laurie served as co-chair of WP’s successful Hands-On Philanthropy Event, during which more than 100 women came together to learn about and support Ethiopian-Israeli soldiers from Boston’s sister city of Haifa. Laurie co-chaired the event with Wendy Waldman; they both serve on the Women’s Philanthropy Executive Board as Vice Presidents of Engagement.

A lawyer by trade who is now home with her children, Laurie says she loves being part of the WP community because it gives her a way to engage with other women in the spirit of philanthropy. She’s made great friends through her involvement in WP– and together, they have truly had an impact

“The more involved I‘ve gotten, the more I get out of it myself,” she says. “The beauty of CJP is that you can do as little or as much as you want. It’s all very rewarding.”


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