Wonder Woman — Samantha Elfland

In April 2017, Samantha Elfland moved back to Boston from New York, and immediately reached out to CJP to get involved. 

“I knew it would help me form a community in a city I had never lived in as an adult, and more importantly, a Jewish community,” she says. “I had been involved in UJA-Federation in NYC for over 10 years, and Jewish philanthropy became a passion of mine and something I wanted to continue in Boston.”

Since then, she’s jumped in with two feet, helping to start CJP’s Next Gen Family Business group and the WP Downtown Women's group, and hosting the Young Women’s Spring event in the showroom of her family business, Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops.  

Samantha is currently serving as Vice President of Young Women’s Philanthropy, along with Pam Sherman. 
“Having a strong, active, female philanthropic community is vital to ensuring that Jewish values, specifically tzedakah (charitable giving), are passed down to younger generations,” she says.

As someone relatively new to the CJP and WP world, Samantha encourages everyone to get involved — at whatever level they can.

“It doesn’t matter how small a gift or how few events you're able to attend in the beginning,” she says. “Just start somewhere, and it will organically grow. And coming to events alone is great! Have an open mind to meeting new people and learning new things and you will.”