Wonder Woman - Sari Rapkin

At the age of 27, Sari Rapkin was nominated for CJP’s Acharai Leadership Program, which prepared her to take on increasingly important roles within our Jewish community.

From Acharai, she got involved in our Lawyers & Accountants work and then joined CJP’s Board of Directors, eventually serving as Board Chair. For more than 30 years, Sari has generously shared her time, guidance, knowledge, and passion with our Jewish community.

Currently an emeritus board member, Sari also co-chairs CJP’s Boston-Haifa Executive Committee. Recently, she spoke at our Hands-On Philanthropy event about her work with Jewish Family Service of Metrowest and the Clothing Closet.

“There are so many roads to get involved in CJP and WP,” says Sari. “I am inspired by people who do big things like fund the Anti-Poverty Initiative but at the same time, there are unique, targeted programs like the JFS Clothing Closet that can touch people in really meaningful ways. You don’t have to be a really big donor to accomplish really big things.”

Through her time with CJP and Women’s Philanthropy, Sari has formed some of her closest friendships and hopes others do the same.

“The bonds I have created with really remarkable women in this community as friends and mentors are irreplaceable,” she says. “Whatever the stage of life you are in, you can find your place in WP with women like yourself.”


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