Wonder Woman - Sharon Rich

When the Jewish Federation of the North Shore merged with CJP five years ago, Sharon Rich saw it as an opportunity. “I could continue on the path I had forged for more than 30 years on the North Shore and become a part of the philanthropic community of Boston to continue to make a difference.”

And that she did. To recognize her tremendous contributions to CJP and Women’s Philanthropy, Sharon will be awarded the prestigious Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award at the International Lion of Judah Conference (ILOJC), set for this January in Florida.

“The Lion of Judah program has huge significance for me,” Sharon says. “I have been a Lion for over 30 years, and I love being able to make a statement of my priorities. I stand with other Jewish women who share my values and my goals. I wear my Lion proudly — it says who I am and what I care about. And being an Endowed Lion means that the dreams that I have supported with my whole heart during my lifetime will continue to be supported after my death. It is a small piece of Jewish immortality.”

Sharon says the most rewarding part of her involvement in Women’s Philanthropy has been “engaging with talented and committed women who comprehend that they are capable of making a huge difference in our Jewish community, here and in Israel, by virtue of their time and treasure given freely.”

She encourages others to get involved and give back.

“Examine what you can do and do it well,” she says. “Lives are not measured by quantity but rather by quality. Everyone has an opportunity to be a part rather than to stand apart.”


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