Wonder Woman - Sheryl Lappin-Levy

For Sheryl, interest and investment in CJP is a family affair. Her husband and her brothers-in-law attended Cohen Hillel Academy thanks to funding from CJP, and her involvement with the organization grew organically from those roots. Just last year, her daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, Eric, traveled to Israel with CJP, and learned from Barry Shrage while there. To her, Women’s Philanthropy provides a great opportunity to connect to Judaism and to give back to the larger unified Jewish community.

Sheryl is helping to bring back North Shore Mitzvah Day by co-chairing the event. “Mitzvah Day is open to the community and is a positive reminder that a few hours of volunteering can have a huge impact,” she says. She is also serving on the event committee for The Annual Pomegranate Society & Friends Event. Sheryl sees Women’s Philanthropy as a great entry point for young women to get involved and develop leadership skills. “That’s our future – the next generation of leaders in Women’s Philanthropy will strengthen and sustain our community.”


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