Wonder Woman - Wendy Polins

Although she had long been connected to CJP, participating in the 2016 Women’s Philanthropy Mission to Israel was a game-changer for Wendy Polins. 

“There is no substitute for the magic of a mission,” she says. “As the group traveled through our beloved land and bonded together, we shared our passion for Israel and finding meaning in our own lives through our involvement in Women’s Philanthropy.”

Wendy returned from Israel with a new group of “Mission Sisters” — and a desire to jump into WP.

“What I love most about WP is the opportunity to constantly meet new people and deepen the bonds I have with friends who share my values,” Wendy says. “Together we can really affect the lives of thousands of people — at home, in Israel, and around the world. Boston is such an incredible city filled with smart, powerful wonder women, and through CJP, we can come together and pool our talents to have a bigger impact.”

In November, Wendy served as a Co-chair of the Annual Lion of Judah Luncheon, and she is currently one of two Women’s Philanthropy Vice Presidents of the North Shore alongside Julie Sagan. She encourages all women to take the same leap she did to get involved with CJP’s Women’s Philanthropy.

“Whether it’s for Israel, the Anti-Poverty Initiative, or Jewish Learning and Engagement, our work and actions are really making a difference,” she says. “If you are just getting involved with CJP — know that you will make lifelong friends and that there will always be a place for you in this great organization.”


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