Wonder Women — All of you!

This space is typically dedicated to highlighting individuals who are deeply committed to CJP and the Jewish community. This month, we are celebrating all of you as our Wonder Women.

So much of Women’s Philanthropy has traditionally centered around being together in person — at events, in learning circles, on missions, and more.

So, when word came that we were no longer able to gather as we once had, we all had a choice. We could retreat or we could lean in to the new normal.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Women’s Philanthropy has stepped up to embrace the virtual world.

You’ve been flexible, patient, and resilient as we navigated online events and gatherings together.
You’ve logged onto Zoom, connected with each other by phone and email, and done it all with a smile.
You’ve been passionate about taking care of those in need and ensuring a strong Jewish future.
You’ve partnered with us to make certain that Boston is a community where no one falls through the cracks.

We are here for you. We are here because of you.

Thank you for being bright lights in this time of darkness. You are all true Wonder Women!