Wonder Women - Ilana Edry, Lorin Seidman, and Barbara Wasserman

It takes Wonder Women to coordinate our Annual Pomegranate Society & Friends event, and 2018 Co-chairs Ilana Edry, Lorin Seidman, and Barbara Wasserman truly stepped up to the task.

A native of Israel who has lived in Boston for the past 22 years, Ilana Edry is proud to be immersed in the community she and her family now call home.

“We, as a family, are involved with many Jewish organizations and our children have gone through Jewish day school and high school — the JCC nursery school, Solomon Schechter Day School, and Gann Academy,” Ilana says. “It is my obligation to give back and support our Jewish community through my work with CJP and Women’s Philanthropy.”

Ilana says she was proud to serve as Co-chair of this year’s POM event and surround herself with women who share the same values, beliefs, thoughts, and hopes.

“My love of Israel and my passion for Jewish education are what drive me to be involved in this amazing organization together with so many smart, interesting, and philanthropic women,” she says. “Open your heart to Women’s Philanthropy — it will be worth it!”

For Lorin Seidman, her involvement in Women’s Philanthropy has given her a way to use her leadership skills to do good for others.

“I grew up in a family that was never very religious, but we were deeply connected to our synagogue and the Jewish community,” she says. “We never went to Jewish camp or even lit Shabbat candles, but my parents always exemplified the idea of tikkun olam through their everyday actions. I love how CJP carries out my parents’ values by helping people thrive in today’s world so we can ensure a strong Jewish future.”

Since her participation in the WP Leadership Development Series a few years ago, Lorin has jumped into CJP — co-chairing the 2017 Annual WP Kickoff and leading a couples’ mission to Cuba with her husband, Jeremy, before serving as Co-chair of this year’s POM event.

“It can be overwhelming for women who are just getting started with WP, because they realize that CJP is doing great things in the world but they are not quite sure where they can fit into this enormous amount of work,” Lorin says. “If you meet with a WP professional, tell her what your specific interests and abilities are and what you bring to the table. She can help you find your personal path to a creating a better world.”

Seven years ago, Barbara Wasserman connected with Women’s Philanthropy when she attended a meeting at the home of past WP President Ann Levin.

“I was captivated by the energy, inspiration, and sense of purpose in the room,” Barbara says. “I quickly realized this was something I had to be a part of — I felt that I had found my tribe.”

Soon after, she both joined the WP Executive Board and traveled to Israel on a national Women’s Philanthropy mission as a representative of CJP. From there, she became deeply involved in WP, becoming a Lion of Judah, serving on two POM committees, and traveling to Prague and Budapest on a recent WP mission.

Barbara says she couldn’t be prouder to co-chair this year’s POM event, especially as her daughter, Sarah, served on the POM committee for the first time.

“I wish that I had gotten involved in Women’s Philanthropy sooner,” Barbara says. “Don’t wait as long as I did to find your place within WP. One woman can make a difference, but together, we can rock the world.”


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