Wonder Women - Robin Neiterman, Jessica Poscover, and Alexandra Simes

It’s no easy task to coordinate our Pomegranate Society & Friends Event, but the 2017 Co-chairs, Robin Neiterman, Jessica Poscover, and Alexandra Simes, have made it seem effortless. Learn more about the three women behind the amazing evening and their roads to leadership within Women’s Philanthropy.​

Robin Neiterman

Robin Neiterman grew up in a family that knew the importance of CJP. Her father, an internist, always found ways to engage other physicians in CJP fundraising, and her family toured Israel on a UJA Family Mission in 1977. Robin became more involved with CJP as an adult through her work as Board Chair of Jewish Family & Children’s Service, one of CJP’s partner agencies. Recently, she participated in CJP’s Acharai Leadership Program.

But it was last year’s Women Philanthropy Mission to Israel that was the catalyst for her to jump into WP. “This Mission was incredibly moving, inspirational, joyful, fun, and motivational,” she says. “It inspired me to learn more about Zionism, Judaism, and Torah study.”

Being involved with WP has continued to be a source of inspiration for Robin.

“I truly believe that women can change the world for the better,” she says. “Come, get involved, and make a difference! We need you. Don’t be shy or worry that you don’t know anyone. You will meet wonderful, inspirational women, and you’ll feel so good about yourself — and the work that you’re doing — with CJP and Women’s Philanthropy.”

Jessica Poscover

Jessica Poscover grew up as an active member of the Jewish Federation of Northeast New York community in Albany, and she always knew she would be involved as an adult. At an early age, she learned the importance of tzedakah and ensuring a vibrant Jewish community, so when she moved to the Boston area, she was thrilled to find CJP.

After becoming a mother, Jessica increased her involvement with CJP and Women's Philanthropy by joining what is now called the Young Women's Philanthropy Committee (and on which she still serves!).  Before co-chairing this year’s Pomegranate Society & Friends Event, she served as a co-chair of the Women’s Philanthropy Annual Kickoff, and she is a past participant in the WP Leadership Development Series.

“Being involved in WP enables me to carry out my favorite Hebrew quote: ‘kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh’ — ‘every Jew is responsible for one another,’” she says. “We all get caught up in our busy lives with family, friends, and work, yet becoming involved with WP opens a whole new world with opportunities to make a difference. The impact we have through our gifts, no matter the amount, can improve another person's life.”  

Alexandra Simes

Alexandra Simes first became involved in Women’s Philanthropy when her children were little and a friend invited her to a committee meeting. It was a natural move for her: her mother has been part of WP for years and is a proud Lion of Judah.

Alexandra became one of the chairs of that group, which later became the Young Women’s Philanthropy Committee. Eventually, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a Lion — and her mother was the one to present her with the Lion pin.

“The most rewarding part of my involvement with Women’s Philanthropy is interacting with amazing, smart, and generous women,” she says. “It’s a wonderful way to meet like-minded women who are focused on helping those in our community — and Jews around the world — make the world a better place.”


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