Chai in the Hub 2016 Winners: Boris Revsin

Name: Boris Revsin
Occupation: Co-Founder 
Organization/Employer: VENTUREAPP 

Describe your career in one sentence. 
I'm the founder of venture-backed digital technology startups in Boston. 

What was your favorite way to give back this year? 
Supporting my cousin as a counselor for the Sderot campers. 

What other organizations, boards, charities, etc. are you a part of? 
In addition to for-profit boards, I work with: 

  • JerusalemU 
  • The Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF
  • CJP 
  • Grapejuice 

Just a few of my fun facts are…  

  • My family escaped Russia as Jewish refugees in the middle of the night when I was four years old (1990). 
  • For my first company, CampusLIVE (homepage for college students), myself and five of my founding team members slept in our 700-square-foot office for 6 months before we started generating revenue. 



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