Chai in the Hub 2016 Winners: Laura Cohen


Name: Laura Cohen 
Occupation: Project Manager 
Organization/Employer: CEA Group  

Describe your career in one sentence. 
Real estate investment management and development in the Boston metropolitan area.  

What was your favorite way to give back this year? 
I formed a women's Kevah group, where 11 incredible women meet in my home for monthly Jewish learning sessions. I also co-founded JFRESH, a Jewish real estate group.    

What other organizations, boards, charities, etc. are you a part of? 

  • Co-chair of Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen (New Center NOW) 
  • Jewish Film Festival 
  • Pan-Mass Challenge  
  • Help manage my family’s charitable trust   

Just a few of my fun facts are… 

  • I live in Harvard Square with my fiancé (we met in Kadimah!).  
  • I traveled to Cuba and Buenos Aires, Argentina with the New York City Federation’s real estate division. 
  • I moved back to Boston 3 years ago from New York City, where I was working in banking.  


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