Chai in the Hub 2016 Winners: Ross Yellin

Name: Ross Yellin 
Occupation: Lawyer  
Organization/Employer: Yellin Law  

Describe your career in one sentence. 
I represent clients in property law and civil litigation matters with passion and purpose.  

What was your favorite way to give back this year? 
Working alongside my teammates with the athletes of Yom Sport is always a highlight.  

What other organizations, boards, charities, etc. are you a part of? 

  • Vice President, Boston Maccabi Rugby Football Club 
  • Co-chair, CJP's Young Adult Series  
  • Host Committee, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters YoPro Party   

Just a few of my fun facts are… 

  • I'm a thrill-seeker: I've jumped the world's third-largest commercial bungee jump and skydived from an altitude of 14,000 feet!
  • At the time of the event, I'll be in Santa Clara, California working my third Super Bowl for the NFL. 
  • I ran the 2014 Boston Marathon and beat my goal time by 4 seconds. 


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