Dave Shoenig, co-chair of YLD’s LEADS

How long have you all been a part of YLD and how did you get involved?
I think I went to my first YLD program in 2008 when a friend convinced me to do LEADS.

What was your first YLD event?  What was your favorite YLD event?
My first YLD event was definitely LEADS and that convinced me to participate in YLD’s Mission to Israel (which was an amazing time). The Mission to Israel really launched my involvement with YLD and was probably my favorite YLD experience.

How would you like to leave your footprint on YLD?
After the Mission to Israel I was given the opportunity to lead a LEADS group. I liked it so much that over the next few year I ended up leading five groups (maybe that’s a record?).  I am proud to say that many of the people that have participated in my groups have continued to be involved with YLD, become involved with various Jewish organizations around Boston, and met some of their best friends (Jeanne and Alison I’m talking about you!).  I hope the footprint I leave on YLD is the connection of people to each other and opportunities that they love, are passionate about and enhance their Jewish Identity.

What is your favorite (Jewish) childhood memory?
During the High Holidays (when I was in elementary school) I would sneak out of services with our Rabbi’s son and we would play hide and tag in the parking lot.

Tell us three fun (Jewish) facts about yourself.
1) I blow a mean shofar.
2) Every Jewish holiday my family plays Rummy-Q …and I’m still the family champion.
3) About to take my third trip to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine as a volunteer with the Jewish Community Relations Council.

If you could travel the world with one Jewish person (living or dead) who would it be and why? 
Albert Einstein... I mean it, Einstein!  Who wouldn’t pick his brain about everything?


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