In the Spotlight: Emily

How long have you been involved with CJP – and how did you first get involved?

My family is deeply engaged in the Jewish community in Boston and across the country. My childhood memories are filled with campaign events, my parents departing for missions, and numerous holidays, family gatherings and vacations that were consumed by conversations where we strategized across three generations about how to fix problems in the Jewish community. The primary question was always “what are YOU going to do?”

What’s been your favorite CJP event so far?

To me, the best CJP event was Bring Learning to Life with Barry Shrage last spring. To have over 400 people come out on a Sunday to celebrate Barry and to learn together shows the strength of our community, and the importance we put on building a next generation.

What’s your favorite Jewish childhood memory?

Big Sukkot parties with tons of apple pie!

Tell us three fun Jewish facts about yourself.

  1. Shakshuka is one of my favorite foods
  2. I'm hoping they're going to open Barry's Bootcamp in Tel Aviv
  3. I'm on my fourth night of my Sheva Brachot as I write this, celebrating with members of CJP and the broader Jewish community!

If you could have dinner with one Jewish person (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Last year, my dream was to have dinner with Ari Shavit – and he did, in fact, come to dinner at my house last spring!

I’ll dream big again – David Horovitz, editor of The Times of Israel. The Times is an incredible resources, and has been instrumental for me to grasp the current situation in Israel.


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