Innovation Nation: Positive Change for a Positive Future

Tonight, tonight

That’s right, at 7:00 p.m. this very evening, we’re celebrating our 2015 PresenTense Fellows at the Social Innovation Showcase—and getting a glimpse of the future from the perspective of nine Jewish social entrepreneurs.

But what is a PresenTense Fellow? And better yet, just what is PresenTense?

The power of entrepreneurship

Around the globe, PresenTense is creating a world in which all communities are empowered to employ entrepreneurship as a tool to enrich Jewish communal life, grow the local economy and solve critical issues facing society. They train young entrepreneurs and develop leaders to build creative solutions that meet both local and societal needs, and open unlimited doors through innovation workshops, consulting and more.

Through 12 accelerator launch nights, PresenTense is rolling out a season of impact connecting 200 entrepreneurs and 162 ventures to communities worldwide. This is where our Social Innovation Showcase comes into play.

Here in Boston, our nine 2015 Fellows are changing the way our community thinks through incredibly-innovative social ventures. Tonight at Communispace, you’ll have the chance to meet and mingle with the Fellows, as well as a group of like-minded peers and mentors that way to change the world for the better.

By partnering with PresenTense, CJP is proud to provide opportunities for young adults to innovate through a Jewish lens, and with a focus on Tikkun Olamrepairing the world. Our Fellows work alongside coaches, mentors, teachers and more to engage in skills-based volunteer opportunities, receive the necessary tools to solve community problems, and the unprecedented ability to bring new social ventures to life.

Making the magic happen

Building a stronger, more innovative community is an ongoing endeavor—and PresenTense is always looking for the next group of young leaders. If you have a changemaking idea you want to launch—or if you want to advise and support a new entrepreneur—now’s the perfect time! Check out CJP’s PresenTense site, or contact Harris Rollinger at for more details.

Boston is at the epicenter of innovation, and now’s the time to build a better future. What are you waiting for?


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