Marc Cohen

Marc is a member of the YLD Board where he co-chaired the 2012-2013 Dewey Stone Kadimah leadership program. He is a member of the Young Health Professions group and will be the volunteer doctor at Yom Sport on August 18...  Meet Marc!

How long have you all been a part of YLD and how did you get involved?

I’ve been involved for six years and I first got involved through an event.

What was your first YLD event? What was your favorite YLD event?

I can’t even remember the first YLD event I attended! I think it may have been an Open House Party. My favorite YLD event is Yom Sport—it’s an opportunity to get together with friends and do some good in the community for people who really appreciate it. Hope to see you there August 18!

How would you like to leave your footprint on YLD?

I would love to expand our reach and involve many more young professionals in our YLD community. I’d also like to expand exciting opportunities for young health professionals specifically.

What is your favorite (Jewish) childhood memory?

Celebrating my bar mitzvah on the top of Masada with my grandparents.

Tell us three fun (Jewish) facts about yourself.

1. I still have food left over from the last Shabbat dinner I hosted.
2. I love a good cup of Manischewitz on Friday night.
3. I can make a mean hamantaschen. Especially apricot.
Bonus: I think Molly Chadis is really cool.

If you could have dinner with one Jewish person (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Maimonides/Ramban because he somehow found a way to balance his professional work and Judaic life and he seemed to do it all very well.


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