Polly Emery and Robbie Sigman

This month’s Cool YLDers are Robbie Sigman and Polly Emery.

How long have you all been a part of CJP and how did you get involved?
: 4 years ago, Larry Tobin found me at the Financial Services Annual Reception – so I’ve been part of CJP ever since.

Robbie: I attended the Financial Services dinner with some of my colleagues and was lucky enough to meet the infamous Larry Tobin. He inspired me to join Kadimah and become more involved in the young adult community.

What was your first young adult event?  What was your favorite event?
: I think my first ever YLD event was the Open House, which is a really great way to get your bearings. My favorite dancing event was CJParty. My favorite overall event is Senior Prom – the community members get really amped to meet the YLDers and it’s an awesome time!

Robbie: My first young adult event was the Charity Date Auction for the Team CJP marathon runners, which was an interesting introduction to YLD. But the week I spent in Israel on the YLD Summer Mission was a truly unforgettable experience.

How would you like to leave your footprint on the young adult community?
: Well I have small feet, so maybe my footprints would be too little? Kidding aside, I want to build awareness around all of the great things that CJP and YLD do in our community across so many different platforms. I think it’s easy to go to the fun [dancing] events and forget that there are some pretty real overarching goals and initiatives that could make everyone want to dance a little harder. Does that make sense?

Robbie: By helping build a strong community of young leaders and advocating for the many ways CJP gives back to the less fortunate. I continue to be amazed by CJP’s work.

What is your favorite (Jewish) childhood memory?
: Summer camp. That was easy!

Robbie: My bar mitzvah, where I became a man.

Tell us three fun (Jewish) facts about yourself.
1. I am Jewish and from Maine – way north of Portland, thank you. That makes me a unicorn.
2. I can sing a mean Kiddush on Friday nights.
3. I was one of the pioneer members of Kalaniot, the BU Israeli Dance Troupe. Jealous?

1. My torah portion was Noah’s Ark.
2. I was part of a Jewish fraternity in both high school and college.
3. I eat maror…off-season.

If you could have dinner with one Jewish person (living or dead) who would it be and why?
: Gilda Radner because she was amazing and hysterical…some may say amazingly hysterical. But if she bailed on me, Paul Rudd.

Robbie: Elie Wiesel, so I could hear about how he would want future generations of Jews to pass down the memory of the Holocaust.


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