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ISRAEL IN CRISIS: Operation Protective Edge

Hamas has launched more than 2,000 rockets at Israeli population centers in the last three weeks making life in parts of the country unbearable.

On July 8, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Protective Edge against Hamas, aimed at stopping what had become a relentless and intolerable barrage of rockets. More than 3.5 million Israelis – nearly 40 percent of the population - are at risk. Hamas claims more than 10,000 M-75 rockets, which possess a range of nearly 50 miles.

More recently, Hamas operatives used a tunnel from Gaza to launch an attack inside of Israel. That led to a ground operation to find and disable Hamas’ extensive tunnel network.
No nation can be expected to tolerate such an assault on its citizens, and Israel has every right to defend itself vigorously and decisively.

Boston’s Jewish community joins those around the world uniting to help our brothers and sisters in Israel – with financial support, with activism and with our thoughts and prayers. Learn more about the crisis and how you can help.

Find the latest news from Israel as it defends its people. Read our latest statement on Operation Protective Edge.

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