Part Time

Religious School Inclusion Specialist

Temple Aliyah 1664 Central Ave, Needham MA

At Mercaz Aliyah we strive to make Jewish education a joyful experience that provides meaningful academic experiences while building community and fostering a love of Jewish living and learning. Our positive, inclusive, and creative environment encourages students to explore a wide variety of Jewish topics within the framework of Conservative Judaism. At Mercaz Aliyah we believe that we all share the responsibility for transmitting Jewish traditions and values to our children so that they become active participants in all aspects of Jewish life. We strive to create a next generation of life-long learners who are eager to remain connected to their synagogue, their community, Israel and Jews throughout the world.

Before the Beginning of the School Year:
Collect and process all the IEP's (begin process over the summer) by conducting intake sessions and meeting with and or speaking to parents about their child’s learning needs.
Give educators appropriate information on learners with special learning needs PRIOR to the beginning of the school year.
Provide educators with curricular goals/outlines based on instructional needs of learners.

Collaborating with Educators:
Provide educators with curricular goals/outlines based on instructional needs of learners.
Provide guidance to educators in modifying their lessons to meet various student needs (for kids with or without IEP’s).
Aide educators and assistants by promoting best practices for varied learning styles and recommending activities, strategies, remediation procedures and resources for specified learners.
Facilitate a seamless transition of learners from one grade level to the next.
Develop one 1 hour professional development session for educators in collaboration with the Director.
Work with assistant educators to ensure that they are prepared to meet the needs of special needs learners in their respective classes.
Conduct in classroom teacher observations and provide post observation feedback.

Working with Learners:
The Inclusion Specialist is responsible for helping to create an engaging atmosphere where Derech Eretz is treated as a priority value.
Develop opportunities for remediation for learners who demonstrate need.
Serve as a liaison between the school and the parents in regard to special needs & learning challenges that arise throughout the school year.
Implement opportunities for enrichment in the classroom setting to meet the needs of gifted learners.
Provide pull-out for learning, social or behavioral reasons, on an as needed basis.
Ensure that learners respect their peers and leaders and maintain the physical space and facilities at Temple Aliyah as outlined in the Code of Kavod (behavioral expectations) in both the Educator and Family Handbooks.

Hours and Compensation:
Sundays 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM, Mondays 3:45-5:45 PM
Hourly rate commensurate with experience paid in biweekly increments as a stipend for the year ($50-$70/hour)

Interested candidates should contact Director of Congregational Learning and Engagement, Kayla Reisman,

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree Required and 0-2 years of experience.