21 2020

Soul Witness Film Discussion (virtual)

7:00PM - 8:00PM  


Contact Sophie K.

For more than 30 years, tapes of interviews with Holocaust survivors sat untouched and unheard – collecting dust on a shelf in a metal closet. Then, filmmaker R. Harvey Bravman changed that with his documentary based on those recordings, Soul Witness: The Brookline Holocaust Witness Project. Now, you can rent* and stream the film online and hear the original stories gathered by world-renowned testimony expert Lawrence Langer. Even if you haven’t watched the film, we encourage you to join CJP, Bravman, and children of the survivors featured in the film on Monday, September 21 for a virtual discussion about the film and themes of intolerance, racism and genocide, and the immigrant experience. We will also honor the 25th anniversary of the New England Holocaust Memorial and discuss how Bravman’s work highlights the importance and continued relevance of remembering the Holocaust.

*Please note: 30% of the proceeds from the rental or purchase of the film will support the CJP Coronavirus Emergency Fund; thank you for giving back to our community! Learn how you’re helping everyone obtain the resources they need. A subsidized rental of $5 is also available on request for young adults and those in need of extra help. Rent the film here.