CJP Communal Security Initiative Training

We offer a range of robust training opportunities free of charge to Jewish organizations in the CJP catchment area in Greater Boston. We also welcome and encourage members of all faith communities to participate in our training programs.

Please note that in addition to community-wide training, we also offer programs specifically geared toward board members, staff, lay leaders, clergy, and Hebrew school staff.

Course Descriptions

Key Security Concepts + Greeter/Usher Training (2 hours)

Creating a balance between an open and welcoming environment while maintaining safety and security is a challenge faced by many Jewish institutions.

This session provides an overview of threats and a review of local security incidents. Participants are exposed to physical and procedural security concepts and learn about the key role individuals can play to improve — or degrade — security at their institution. This training also provides those who welcome people to Jewish institutions with strategies and tools to foster a welcoming atmosphere while maintaining security.

Topics include situational awareness and behavioral recognition, emergency response plans, and communication. Simple role-playing and Q&A is used to reinforce the training.

Security Training for Professional Staff (2 hours)

Staff and clergy play a vital, and unique role, in the day-to-day activities of our Jewish institutions. Recognizing that there are certain types of challenges that arise for people in such roles we have developed tailored training programs for Preschool/ELC staff and faculty, Hebrew school staff, synagogue staff, and other demographics of Jewish communal professionals. This session provides an overview of threats as well as an introduction to tools that staff can use to play an important role in improving safety and security within their organizations, with a strong emphasis on recognizing and responding to suspicious or unusual behavior.

Simple role playing and Q&A is used to reinforce the training. Recognizing that each staff member brings their own experiences, observations and questions to the conversation the training allows for ample time for discussion at the end of the session.

Countering Active Threat Response Training (2.5 hours)

Countering Active Threat Training (CATT) offers a comprehensive training program to counter an active threat event developed specifically for faith-based institutions and Houses of Worship.

-Differentiate between security and safety
-Develop a better understanding of Active Threat incidents
-Identify and explain modes of action during an Active Threat incident, such as Run, Hide, Fight
-Learn how to prepare for an Active Threat event
-Know how to respond to law enforcement's arrival
-Recognize the importance of additional training such as "Stop the Bleed"
-Be able to commit to action during an Active Threat event.

Session includes PowerPoint presentation, videos, and three 15 minute drills that reinforce central concepts.

We strongly recommend that participants attend the Key Security Concepts Training prior to attending Active Threat ResponseTraining.

Medical Training (CPR/AED & First Aid)

We are pleased to provide CPR/AED and First Aid training at no cost to Jewish organizations in the CJP Catchment Area. We also occasionally offer community CPR/AED and First Aid training at locations in the Greater Boston Area.

CPR/AED classes meet one time for five hours and First Aid classes also meet one time for two hours. We also periodically offer combined CPR/AED and First Aid training. Class sizes may be limited based on instructor availability.

“Stop the Bleed” Medical Training (1.5 hours)

The Stop the Bleed course will teach you how to save a life. Severe bleeding can cause death in three to five minutes. This interactive presentation will provide you with the knowledge and skills to locate, identify, and control significant blood loss in an adult or child. The skills portion gives each person hands-on training with the tools to accomplish hemostasis or stopping the bleed.

This course, in addition to CPR and First Aid, allows you to be better prepared for critical life situations.

Learn about upcoming sessions or contact us for more information

Key Security Concepts Webinar:


Tuesday, December 13 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Key Security Concepts & Usher/Greeter Training (In Person):


Thursday, October 27 | 6:00-7:30 PM
Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, Newton

Countering Active Threat Response Training (In Person):

Hear from Our Community

Indira Herscovici, AVP, JCC Early Learning Center, JCC of Greater Boston, discusses the relationship with CJP and the benefits of tailored trainings. 

Ellen Chajes, Executive Director, Bais Yaakov of Boston High School, reflects on CSI responsiveness to the needs of Bais Yaakov.