With Gratitude and Appreciation

2019 Donor and Volunteer Report



To our dedicated donors and volunteers,

I am pleased to share with you the 2019 Donor and Volunteer Report. The difference your support has made in this community, and in people’s lives, is difficult to capture in words, yet I hope you feel a sense of pride as you scroll through this site.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without your support and your trust in CJP to engage, inspire, and catalyze Jewish life in Greater Boston. Every year, with your help, we get closer to closing the gap between the world as it is and the world as we know it should be.

As we imagine a more connected, more inclusive, more engaged community, your commitment to CJP matters more than ever. Your partnership makes CJP’s work possible and this community strong.

Thank you!

With gratitude,

Rabbi Marc Baker
President and CEO





Our Jewish community is built on traditions and values that stretch back thousands of years. We are courageous and collaborative, inclusive and innovative, resolute and resourceful.

As part of this community, CJP plays two critical roles: we invest your philanthropic resources strategically, and we inspire and mobilize people and organizations.

In this report you will see how, together, we are achieving more than would be possible alone. Thank you for your support as we build a stronger community and a vibrant Jewish future.


CJP inspires meaningful connections to Judaism and Jewish life.

Every handshake, every conversation, and every relationship helps us find meaning in our stories and discover where tradition binds us.



CJP invests in institutions and organizations that nurture our community.

We're determined to ensure everyone has the resources they need to engage in Jewish life. We are working hand in hand with more than three hundred partner organizations to achieve that goal.


CJP develops lasting solutions for systemic change.

Steered by the values that have guided our people for millennia, we are addressing the everchanging needs of modern society. We invest, we innovate, and we transform — because harnessing the full power of our Jewish community requires nothing less.





All of the stories in this report and so much more were made possible by you, our committed donors and volunteers. We hope you are proud of the difference we’ve made together.

And yet, there is so much more to do. With your help we will continue fostering meaningful relationships to Judaism, developing our many partnerships, and addressing the greatest challenges in front of us. And as the world changes, we too will change — always learning, evolving, and dreaming big about what’s possible.

But we cannot do it alone. The voices we heard during our listening tour taught us so much; now, we must work as a community to turn words into action. Stay in conversation with us, decide what role you want to play, and together, we will create a vibrant Jewish future.



Our Generous Community of Donors

CJP has served as a community investor and philanthropic partner since its founding in 1895. We are grateful to our donors' commitment, trust, and generosity, which are felt throughout the Greater Boston Jewish community and beyond.


individuals, families, and foundations
made gifts to CJP



donors gave $1,000 or more

of CJP donors renewed their gift last year



donors gave for the first time last year



donors gave between $1–$999

have given to CJP for 20+ years

Extraordinary Investment in Our Community and Beyond: $223 Million


$72 million

CJP’s community investment and supporting services

With these funds, we provided:

$151 million

8,312 CJP Donor Advised Fund (DAF) grants to 2,684 charities

460+ grants distributed throughout our local, national, and global communities . . .
230+ . . . to day schools, synagogues, social services organizations, camps, Hillels, and much more . . .
60+ . . . in cities and towns where
grant recipients serve thousands
of people


  • grants recommended by DAF donors that supported CJP and other local, national, and global organizations serving the Jewish community and Israel
  • grants recommended by DAF donors that supported broader needs locally and globally including healthcare, the environment, education, and civil rights

CJP DAFs are managed and invested by CJP, and assets are subject to CJP’s exclusive legal control. All grants are recommended by individual fund signatories and are reviewed and approved by CJP. Grants support a wide range of donor interests beyond CJP’s areas of focus and may not conflict with CJP’s mission.

Managing and Stewarding our Community’s Resources
CJP is proud to provide donors and Jewish organizations access to philanthropic and investment platforms.

CJP’s DAF program includes more than 700 funds that total $1.4 billion

We offer donors at all ages and stages of life a low-cost, easy-to-access opportunity to manage and optimize their giving in ways that significantly
benefit the Jewish community and much more.

CJP strengthens more than 80 organizations through the Jewish Community Endowment Pool, LLP (JCEP)

Nearly all local Jewish educational organizations, social services partners, and synagogues, along with Jewish organizations from across the country and around the world, participate in JCEP.

For detailed financial statements, please visit cjp.org/fiscal-transparency.