Ambassador Meron Reuben

Ambassador Meron Reuben has served as the Consul General of Israel to New England since November 2020.

Ambassador Reuben has a diplomatic career spanning over three decades, during which he has served in various positions, including roles at the Israeli embassies in Chile​ and Mexico, and as Ambassador to Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia.

Ambassador Reuben served as Israel’s ambassador to the UN between 2010-2011, and as Israel's Chief of State Protocol from 2015 to 2020.  ​ 

Ambassador Reuben was born in South Africa in 1961, and immigrated to Israel from the UK in 1974, where he studied Diplomacy and International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During his military service, Ambassador Reuben was an air traffic controller in the Israeli Air Force.

Ambassador Reuben is father to Jen and Liad, and partner to David.