Thank You

Empowering At-Risk Israeli Families

“Everyone tells me I have the strength, but I’m afraid of cracking,” says Dina, a young, single mother who is raising her 2-year old daughter, Nisma, alone.

Sadly, being on her own is not a new experience for her. When she was just 15, Dina’s family emigrated from Iraq to the safety…

Michael B. Rukin (z”l)

Welcoming Interfaith Families to Jewish Life

An Inclusive Legacy for Generations to Come

As an entrepreneur, Michael B. Rukin (z”l) was never interested in doing something that had been done before. In addition to the business world, he applied his passion for progress to his philanthrop…

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine

Investing in our youth

During their 21 years of marriage, Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine have navigated the ups and downs of life using the “bedrock Jewish values” instilled by their parents. These principles have steered them in the right direction, helping them to raise two teenage daugh…

Allison Hirsch

Welcoming Interfaith Families to Jewish Life

Q&A with Allison Hirsch: On Community, CJP’s Interfaith Outreach…and the Rockettes

Allison Hirsch is doing everything she can to ensure her kids are part of a strong Jewish community. She volunteers with CJP’s Downtown Initiative, the Fam…

Larry and Penny Goodman

Building Bridges: Connecting Israel and Boston

A Legacy of Love for Israel

Larry and Penny Goodman work together to build stronger families at home in Boston and in Israel. It’s a tradition that goes back more than 65 years in their family

In their living room, Larry and Penny Goodman d…