Fighting Antisemitism

CJP is resolute in the fight against antisemitism. We believe confronting hatred requires a proactive strategy that includes education, dialogue, and enhanced security. In addition, we must be vigilant, and our communal response to antisemitic incidents must be immediate and direct. CJP partners with community organizations to push back against antisemitism and hate so that our community remains strong, safe, inclusive, and vibrant.

Resources for Combating Antisemitism


CJP Communal
Security Initiative

In response to incidents of antisemitism in Greater Boston and beyond, we are committed to helping organizations and individuals bolster safety in our community. CJP is a leader in safety and security, offering training, assessments, and consultations free of charge to Jewish institutions in the cities and towns that CJP serves. Funding of physical security improvements may also be available to qualifying organizations. Learn more


Collaboration and
Community Organizations

CJP invests in and partners with organizations to combat antisemitism and rid our schools, workplaces, sporting venues, religious institutions, and online discourse of hate. We work collaboratively to ensure that our Jewish community is both welcoming and secure. The relationships among partner organizations and community members are critical to ensuring a strong, united stance against antisemitism. Our partners educate students and the broader community about the Holocaust, genocide, antisemitism, and other forms of hate, collaborate with law enforcement, track and report antisemitic incidents, and advocate for legislation in the state and beyond to respond to antisemitism.

Report an

Our partners at the ADL investigate antisemitic, bias, or other discriminatory incidents. Use this link to report incidents.