A Message from Marc

A Community Engaged with the World

Shalom Chaverim, 

It has been just about a year since I assumed the role of President and CEO of Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and this week I had one of my proudest moments so far. I travelled to Brockton City Hall to join elected officials as well as colleagues from United Way of Mass…

Flipping the Script: Following the Lead of the Next Generation

Shalom Chaverim,

As we emerge from last week’s holiday of Shavuot, which commemorates the giving and receiving of the Torah, and at a time of year when many are graduating, I want to reflect on the power and importance of Jewish education. Last week, I witnessed an exquisite example of gr…

Coming of Age on Memorial Day

Shalom Chaverim,

This past Monday I attended a Memorial Day bar mitzvah of a close family friend. The singing was spirited, the Torah reading was flawless, and the (shorter) weekday liturgy made it just the right length! But the most meaningful moment for me was when the uncle of the bar mi…

Our Future in Our Hands

Shalom Chaverim,

Earlier this week, we celebrated the 71st anniversary of official birth of the State of Israel, the day on which Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, read aloud the Declaration of Independence for the world and the Jewish People to hear. According to the Decla…

Standing Together in Challenging Times

Shalom Chaverim,

It has been a long and emotional week. Ceremonies across the community — and the world — commemorated Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), which culminates with one more opportunity to come together this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at Faneuil Hall.

Last Saturday, as we prepar…