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Marc's Message

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CJP's President and CEO, Rabbi Marc Baker, writes and teaches about leadership, community, and civic life, bringing the voice of Jewish tradition to contemporary issues.


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Moving Forward Together

Dear Friends, 

This week, our country celebrated Juneteenth, a holiday that commemorates the fulfillment of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the freeing of the slaves of Texas (two and a half years after the Proclamation itself).
The holiday is a chance to recommit ou…

Next Generation of Jewish Leaders

Dear Friends,
Looking at the brokenness of the world and the challenges that Israel and the Jewish People face right now, it’s hard not to feel despair.
But this past week, I met with a group of young people who lifted my spirit and gave me hope for the future.
I had the privilege…

The Hope

Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe that one year ago over 300 of us traveled to Israel as part of CJP’s historic Spark initiative in honor of Israel’s 75th Independence Day. We literally laughed and cried as we explored our shared past and imagined our shared future, wrestling with q…

A musical Passover message from Marc

At Passover we bear witness to the harsh reality that “in every generation there are those who rise against us to try to destroy us.” In Israel, we witnessed the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and the recent, frightening escalation with Iran, including its unprecedented dir…

A Message of Resilience: Six Months Since October 7

CJP President and CEO, Rabbi Marc Baker, reflects on the devastating six months since October 7 when Israeli hostages were taken from their homes, many of them still being held in captivity in Gaza.  

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