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CJP's President and CEO, Rabbi Marc Baker, writes and teaches about leadership, community, and civic life, bringing the voice of Jewish tradition to contemporary issues.


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Golda’s Balcony and Auschwitz

Dear Friends,
This week, I witnessed how art can inform, educate, and inspire hearts and minds.
I saw the one-woman play, Golda’s Balcony, performed by the indomitable Annette Miller. Annette brought to life the multifaceted character of Golda Meir and transported the audience into…

Emotional Rollercoaster

Dear Friends,
These past two weeks, like these past almost five months, have been an emotional rollercoaster.  
I returned Sunday from my second trip to Israel since October 7, the fourth CJP solidarity fly-in in the past two months. We saw the impact our Israel Emergency Fund has mad…

Together We Build: The Origin Story of Jewish Federations

Dear Friends,
I think the idea of a Jewish Federation began thousands of years ago, in this week’s Torah portion.
To explain the concept of a Jewish Federation, I often begin with CJP’s origin story as one of the first federated charities in the United States, established nearly 13…

One Community, One Heart

Dear Friends,
What makes a community worthy of standing at Mount Sinai, hearing the voice of God, and receiving the Torah? That is the question I ask myself nearly every day, especially when I read the story of the revelation at Mount Sinai, the centerpiece of this week’s Torah portion.…

Let My People Go

Dear Friends,
This week we remembered and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In a time of profound brokenness, it is not clear whether the moral universe is bending, as Dr. King taught, toward justice. So how do we stay resilient, courageous, and strong enough to play our parts in ben…