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CJP's President and CEO, Rabbi Marc Baker, writes and teaches about leadership, community, and civic life, bringing the voice of Jewish tradition to contemporary issues.


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Our Sacred Work: Life-Saving and Life-Affirming

Dear Friends,

This week, I traveled to NYC to attend the board meeting of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) along with Jewish Federation leaders from across the country. For more than 100 years, JDC has been the 9-1-1 of the Jewish People, doing humanitarian work around the world. Our …

Links in the Chain

Dear Friends,

We are heading into the Shavuot holiday, one of the three pilgrimage festivals that also celebrates the giving and receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Tonight, we commemorate the covenantal moment that binds us together across communities and across time. We learn, we teach…

Heads Held High

Dear Friends,
With this week’s Torah reading, we conclude the book of Vayikra with the promise that if we walk in God’s ways, God will walk with us:

“I am the Lord your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt to be their slaves no more, who broke the bars of your yoke …

Greetings from Israel

Dear Friends,

This week was Israel’s Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) and Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day). I’ve had the incredible opportunity to spend the week in Israel with over 300 members of our Greater Boston community as part of our historic Spark experience.

I wanted to share wit…

Take action this Passover

Dear Friend,  

As we gather together around the Seder table for Passover, we are reminded that the journey from slavery to freedom is not ancient history.

As part of our story of resistance, this Passover we have a unique opportunity to take action. We are proud to join the Foundation…