A Message from Marc

Hope Beyond the Divide

Dear Friends,

As a North American Jew who feels deep love and responsibility for Israel and the Jewish People, I find this moment in time profoundly humbling and vexing. This week has highlighted both our struggles and our resiliency, both the depths of our dividedness and the power of our …

We Remember

Dear Friends,

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day and marks 78 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. It is a day to honor the millions of victims and remember one of the darkest moments in Jewish and human history. It is a day to contemplate the horrors of which even ordinar…

Power of love

Dear Friends,

As we prepare to commemorate and celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, there are many ways our Jewish community can engage and show up. I look forward to attending the MLK Breakfast on Monday with other community leaders.  

Today is an historic day f…

The Gratitude People

Dear Friends,

This week, on the eighth day of Hanukkah, I attended two simchas (joyous celebrations) — a bat mitzvah and a wedding of close friends’ daughters. I was filled with the sense of possibility and hope, singing and dancing with a future generation that’s already so deeply co…

Hannukah and the Light of Our Community

Dear Friends,  

Next week, like so many in our community and around the world, my wife and I will gather around the window of our home and light the Hanukkah candles with our children, thinking about what it might mean to shine our lights into what can feel like a very dark world right no…