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Growing into (Jewish) Adulthood

By Reuben Posner, Director of Youth Engagement

If you ever want see a friend or colleague light up (or maybe grimace) ask them to share a memory from when they were teenagers. Often the memories come flooding back—moments of joy and moments of embarrassment. For teens, everything is more…

What Jewish History Teaches Us During the High Holidays

By: Barry Shrage, President of CJP

As the late Rabbi Soloveitchik said, when defining the Jewish faith, we must think of ourselves as a congregation; that is, a group of individuals possessing a common past, a common future, common goals and desires, a common aspiration for a world which i…

Yalla! Exploring Israel with the Patriots’ Julian Edelman

By Dan Seligson, CJP Staff and Young Adult Israel Mission Co-Leader

Sometime between the eighth and ninth blizzard of the Worst Winter Ever, I was asked, very quietly and discretely, whether I would be available to “staff a trip to Israel with Julian Edelman.” I think I recall reacting …

The Magic of Israel: How Birthright Changed Me Forever

UMASS student Carly Korman shares her magical experience while on Birthright in Israel.

Color Wars to College Tours: Unexpected Benefits of Jewish Overnight Camp

by Sheryl Hirsch, CJP Staff

Eight years ago, when we toured Jewish overnight camps with our daughter, Amanda, we were excited about the adventures, friendships, and connection to Jewish life that awaited her. When she began her first session the following summer at Camp Tevya in Brookline, …