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Justice, Equality and Opportunity for Ethiopian Jews: A Test for Israel

By: Barry Shrage, President of CJP

The events of the past few days in Israel have left many of us deeply troubled. An act of violence committed by police against an Ethiopian IDF soldier and the resulting days of protest in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have left more than 60 injured and revealed…

Celebrate Israel: Boston: An Interview with Neshama Carlebach & Josh Nelson

By: Matt Lebovic, CJP Staff

Set to perform at Celebrate Israel: Boston on May 31 are Neshama Carlebach and Josh Nelson, two of the hottest names in Jewish music, as well as a recently declared couple. Both musicians are known for transforming ancient Jewish prayers and texts into soulful li…

One Night Stand with Dr Ruth: the 2015 Pomegranate Society & Friends Event

By: Chelsea Rubin, Senior Digital Copywriter

Breaking barriers – and records

Full disclosure: I spent the night with Dr. Ruth.

But then so did 450 other women – a record-smashing number for Women’s Philanthropy. And speaking of records? Not only did we have the most women together …

A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Story: Q&A with Janet Singer Applefield Part 2

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Janet Singer Applefield, a child survivor of the Holocaust. In part one of our interview, we learned how the invasion of Poland disbanded her family. Today, Janet continues her story of survival and shares her hopes for the next generation.


A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Story: Q&A with Janet Singer Applefield Part 1

In this exclusive interview, CJP speaks with Janet Singer Applefield, a child Holocaust survivor who now resides in Greater Boston.