Our Mission

To inspire and mobilize the diverse Boston Jewish community to engage in building communities of learning and action that strengthen Jewish life and improve the world.

  • Learning is the key to thriving at every age. In coffee shops, living rooms, and classrooms throughout Greater Boston, we offer a breadth of innovative ways for adults to participate in Jewish learning.

  • We’re sending young adults across the globe to experience Israeli innovation in action. They’re discovering how Israel’s technology and can-do spirit are improving and saving lives. By sharing our Jewish values, we’re making the world a better place.

  • Our traditions delight, inspire, and pass on meaning from generation to generation. Your support provides opportunities for everyone to make meaningful connections and experience the joy of Jewish life.

  • We’re all about building relationships. For 30 years, CJP’s Boston-Haifa Connection has been bringing people from both communities together to strengthen the bonds of Jewish peoplehood, and from our diversity, create a shared society.

  • Our community is at its best when we’re all included and participating. Your gift allows CJP to support people, programs, and organizations that welcome and provide opportunities for everyone.

  • During tough times, our community comes together and takes action. With the combined support of more than 150 organizations, we care for one another, pursue justice, and help to heal our troubled world.

  • We are humbled by humanity’s power to overcome hate. Together, we learn the painful lessons from the past, we remember those who were lost, and we cling even more tightly to Jewish imperatives: to learn, to love, and to repair the world.

  • We bring together young adults who want to achieve their potential and give back to their community. Your support is empowering and encouraging the next generation to express their Jewish values in ways that matter to them.

  • The diversity of our Jewish community is a point of strength and pride. CJP welcomes and includes people of all backgrounds and identities who help us create a truly vibrant community.

  • Jewish summer camp is a place where our kids revel in newfound friendships and experiences. Your gift encourages them to spread their wings, explore their Judaism, and make connections that last a lifetime.

  • When any community is threatened, we all feel the impact. We come together to show solidarity in the face of crises. Your support helps CJP provide resources, information, and expertise to ensure our Jewish organizations are welcoming and more secure.

  • We all have something to learn, to teach, and to give. Your support builds new opportunities for teens to become leaders, connect with other generations, and engage in Jewish life.