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Affirming Our Connection: A Reflection on #CJPinSD

By Betsy Johnson, Women's Philanthropy Tzedek Mission Particpant

When I announced my plan to spend a part of my summer volunteering at shelter for newly-arrived immigrants across the country, my friends and family were surprised. My year had had its own share of family struggles and trials.…

VIDEO: Preventing Homelessness in Greater Boston

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Amanda Hadad, Director of Social Justice (Tzedek) at CJP, discusses how we're working with experts and partners to take action to help vulnerable people avoid eviction and stay in their homes. 

CJP's social justice work doesn't end with h…

VIDEOS: Celebrating Inclusion: Opening Doors to Jewish Community

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

If you missed our annual Celebrating Inclusion: Opening Doors to Jewish Community event as part of the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project (RSIP), we have a playlist below of all the remarks.

The speakers:

Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz - Temple E…

Jewish Poverty: JFS and CJP Respond Together

By JFS of Metrowest and CJP

When Susan's life was turned upside down, she turned to JFS of Metrowest's Family Assistance program not knowing how they’d help. After entering, she immediately felt at home. Without JFS and CJP, Susan says she wouldn’t be able to put gas in the car, feed …

VIDEO: Welcoming the Stranger

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manger

As part of our Social Justice (Tzedek) Initiative, CJP works with refugee families and individuals as they move from crisis toward security. Amanda Hadad explains how CJP is employing core Jewish values to tackle emergencies and long-term, syst…