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VIDEO: Celebrating 30 Years of the Boston-Haifa Connection

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The Boston-Haifa Connection has brought thousands of Americans and Israelis together over the past 30 years. Together, we've strengthened Jewish identities, built lifelong friendships, and solved pressing issues in our communities. And on Wedn…

VIDEO: The Paradox of Rosh Hashanah

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Why is the paradox of Rosh Hashanah — a day of both celebration and of judgement — a metaphor for our Jewish community in Greater Boston? How can a strong, vibrant Jewish community be accessible to everyone and more welcoming to all? 


VIDEO: Imagine a Community


By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

The strength of the Greater Boston Jewish community is in our partnerships and collective voices. Together, we can welcome everyone into Jewish life and learning, engage the next generation, embrace different viewpoints, and repair the world. …

Affirming Our Connection: A Reflection on #CJPinSD

By Betsy Johnson, Women's Philanthropy Tzedek Mission Participant

When I announced my plan to spend a part of my summer volunteering at shelter for newly-arrived immigrants across the country, my friends and family were surprised. My year had had its own share of family struggles and trials…

VIDEO: Preventing Homelessness in Greater Boston

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Amanda Hadad, Director of Social Justice (Tzedek) at CJP, discusses how we're working with experts and partners to take action to help vulnerable people avoid eviction and stay in their homes. 

CJP's social justice work doesn't end with h…