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We Need to Step Up

By Drew Zang

Guest blogger Drew Zang is raising money for the New England Holocaust Memorial, which was desecrated for the second time this summer. These are his thoughts. This is his plan.

I’m not exactly sure what it was about the desecration of the New England Holocaust Memorial last…

Five Thoughts from CzechOutIsrael

By Sara Russell

Guest blogger Sara Russell traveled to Prague and Israel during this summer’s CJP's Young Adults mission. After returning home and reflecting on her experience, Sara shares five thoughts from the trip.

1. I made real connections

For a game that I seem to play weekly, Je…

Just One of the Guys: A Jewish Camp Story

By Sheryl Hirsch, Senior Communications Manager

Like many parents considering an overnight camp for their child, my husband and I took a tour of Camp Tevya in Brookline, NH. It was a warm day, and we had our son, Garrett, in tow. Unlike the rest of the families touring, we already knew our …

50 Facts about Jerusalem

By Dan Seligson, Eva Schlitz, and Craig Byer

This week marks Yom Yerushalayim! What’s that, you ask? It’s a national holiday in Israel that celebrates the day Jerusalem, which had been divided, was reunified. This year marks the Jubilee Year, which is 50 years since that day, so we pu…

Our Obligation to Remember the Stranger and the Immigrant on Passover

By Barry Shrage, CJP President

Whenever the Torah wishes to impress on us the Mitzvah of having compassion and sympathy for the oppressed in society, it reminds us of our similar helplessness and lowly status during our bondage in Egypt. The most defenseless elements in society are usually…