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Dwelling in Vulnerability: A Sukkot Reflection

By Rabbi Elyse Winick, Director, Adult Learning

Sukkot is easily my favorite holiday. From putting up the sukkah to the seasonal cooking and eating, I am in my happy place. When the weather permits, I take my laptop outside and turn our sukkah into my home office. We are commanded to dwell …

Your Guide to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

By Eva Schlitz, Junior Copywriter/Proofreader

*This is event is sold out. CJP cannot accept walk-ins.

Here's what you need to know about Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, a brand new young adult event coming in October.

First things first… what is Harry Potter and the Sacred Text?


Fate, Destiny, and the New Year

By Barry Shrage, CJP President

As my family and I prepare to celebrate the High Holidays, we will be thinking about what the new year will hold for us and our friends, for our community, and for the world. Jewish tradition teaches that we are compelled not to simply accept our fate, but t…

We Need to Step Up

By Drew Zang

Guest blogger Drew Zang is raising money for the New England Holocaust Memorial, which was desecrated for the second time this summer. These are his thoughts. This is his plan.

I’m not exactly sure what it was about the desecration of the New England Holocaust Memorial last…

Five Thoughts from CzechOutIsrael

By Sara Russell

Guest blogger Sara Russell traveled to Prague and Israel during this summer’s CJP's Young Adults mission. After returning home and reflecting on her experience, Sara shares five thoughts from the trip.

1. I made real connections

For a game that I seem to play weekly, Je…