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To a Year of New Possibilities

By Craig Byer, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, CJP

Rabbi Marc Baker explains how the High Holidays are a time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go as a community

The Power of Inclusion: Rashi School Students

By Craig Byer, Digital Marketing Manager

Students thrive when they feel they’re part of the classroom and part of their school community. That’s when learning happens. And that's why the Morton E. Ruderman Inclusion Scholarship Fund​ was established — to make Jewish day school…

Thanks, Appreciation, and a Prayer for the Future

By Barry Shrage, CJP President

Throughout all Creation, just beneath the surface, joining each person to every other person and to every other thing in a luminous organism of sacred responsibility, we discover invisible lines of connection. - Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Invisible Lines of Conn…

Desecrating God’s Name to Justify Cruelty

By Barry Shrage, CJP President

In response to forced family separations at the U.S./Mexico border and the ensuing urgent humanitarian crisis, CJP has launched FACES, the Fund to Aid Children and End Separation. To learn more about CJP’s position on the family separation policy, read our j…

Celebrating Inclusion and Addressing Mental Illness

By Craig Byer and Joan Yenawine, CJP Staff

When Kitty Dukakis first told her father that she was an alcoholic, he responded simply, “You couldn’t be.” She questioned why he thought this, and he responded, “You’re a Jew, and you’re a woman.” In his mind, these two facts exclude…